The U.S. military offered refuge to those who worked on its behalf, only to abandon that promise

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On September 20, 2001, George W. Bush addressed a shell shocked and jilted country in the aftermath of 9–11. His address served to reassure an apprehensive nation; project strength to allies and foes; and — mostly notably — declare a “War on Terror.”

In retrospect, the phrase was concrete enough to galvanize support and still abstract enough to be used in clandestine ways. This is in part because on September 18, Bush had signed one of the most important documents in contemporary American history: a joint resolution giving the United States sweeping powers to defeat international terrorist threats. …

From Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza: the enduring Palestinian refugee crisis

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Life without endless war is a privilege that generations of Palestinians have not—and fearfully—may never know. The most recent attack on Sheik Jarrah illustrates a powder keg of stop-gap solutions, as well as the failure of long-term diplomacy.

The indifference to the plight and suffering of millions of Palestinians is an affront to the post-war world that the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council—the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia — are supposed to uphold. This year’s clash saw a death toll of 253 thus far. …


She rose in the middle of the night, shaken by her father’s panic. “It’s time to go! It’s now.”

Along with her mother and siblings, her family journeyed through the twilight, along paths akin to the underground railroad in structure and spirit. Crossing riverbanks, plains, and forests; seeking freedom from bondage left by colonialism, inept foreign policy, and successive dictatorships. Ramifications that affected her country and others, leaving innocent civilians trapped in a circuitous motion of trauma, despair, and grief.

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She doesn’t remember how long the journey took, and how many others there were. She remembers the apprehensive glances…

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Whether discussing the experience of a Ghanaian migrant crossing the Mediterranean through the Sahara, or the plight of an Iranian Christian fleeing religious persecution, these documentaries offer an intimate and compelling portrait of the refugee and immigrant experience. Though not an exhaustive list, these pieces offer a diverse range of voices which edify our collective consciousness. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s remember the invisible battles that people fight every day, and the extraordinary circumstances many endure for a better life. For a greater understanding of each journey, watch any or all of the five below.

Tomatoes and Greed

Duration: 52…

A family in Kutubdia, Bangladesh. Photo credits: Salvador Alba

A child fascinated with random facts, when I discovered Newfoundland had a thirty minute difference as opposed to an hour, I was captivated. Enthralled further by what is now axiomatic, Newfoundland, New-found-land, was discovered after the invention of the 24-hour timezone. In my still-developing brain, the concept of humans not finding every inch on the planet seemed incomprehensible. After viewing Climate Refugees, directed by Michael P. Nash — I fear we may not have found enough.

Watching any documentary from a decade prior serves as an interesting inflection point. You look back and see what we knew then, and ask…

The Woman Crush Wednesday (que l’on peut traduire comme Le coup de cœur féminin du mercredi) est une série qui met en lumière les femmes extraordinaires de ma vie qui incarnent la force de caractère, la gentillesse, l’ingéniosité et l’intelligence. Je suis reconnaissante d’apprendre de ces personnes et enjouée par tout ce qu’elles feront et où elles voyageront. Cet article mettra en avant Audrey Lefevre.

Audrey Lefevre.

Cet article a été traduit à partir de l’anglais par Maxim Arquette.

Petite uniquement en carrure, j’ai rencontré Audrey lors d’une chaude journée athénienne à KHORA — une organisation à but non lucratif au service…

The Uncompelled Immigrant — #TheWomanCrushWednesday

The Woman Crush Wednesday series will highlight the extraordinary women in my life who exemplify character, kindness, ingenuity, and intelligence. I am grateful that I learn from these individuals and I’m excited for all they will do, and where they will travel. This piece will feature Audrey Lefevre.

Audrey Lefevre.

Cet article a été traduit à partir de l’anglais par Maxim Arquette. En français, ici.

This article has been translated by Maxim Arquette. Please click here for the French language version.

Small only in stature, I met Audrey on a hot Athens day at Khora — a…

The violence of which Belfast descends is disheartening. After thirty years of turmoil, the region has now raised a generation in peace. May that peace continue onward.

Riots in Belfast. Photo by Jason Cairnduff/Reuters.

In September 2018, I visited Belfast for what I hope is the first time. As an Anglophile (someone who likes the United Kingdom), I enjoy dry humor and mostly know the subtle cue between a British joke and a serious statement. I was chauffeured by a wonderful taxidriver who was born and raised in Belfast. When I commented on how I loved the juxtaposition between the old and new buildings of Europe, he…

Photo credits: Viorel Dudau

The clarion heard from sea to shining sea. We saw her, aged two, wailing as a border agent searched her mother. The viral image set off a firestorm of criticism, including from famously private former First Lady Laura Bush, condemning the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance border policy. The death of Alan Kurdi three years prior catapulted the Mediterranean migrant crisis of Africa, Europe, and West Asia to the global stage. Three and six years on respectively, both crises dominate the lives of border officials, policy makers, and government treaties. The consciousness of which they’re absent is the general public.

As of…

I wrote this article as I struggled to post a “then & now” comparison of myself, as trended on social media. As it took years to overcome low self-esteem, I couldn’t help but wonder what exact I was comparing. I now understand why.

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

My mother noticed a worrying trend circa spring 2003. I had a boyfriend the previous autumn and through my sister, my mother learned I exhibited behavior I unreservedly admit was not my finest. But the clarion for concern was my new interest in Cosmopolitan magazine, famed for its articles to command a man’s lust, among other things…


These are my reflections on this journey of life and how (sometimes) we can navigate it better. With candor, love and humo(u)r.

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